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People are great-website needs work

I had to order this bag FOUR TIMES before I actually managed to get it. The first three times, the website told me it was out of stock. I clicked the box to be notified when it came back into stock, but never heard anything, so I just tried placing another order again and again and again. Six months later, I finally managed to hit the website when the bags were in stock. The website is very persnickety about what and how and when you enter something. After four goes, I broke down and called customer service and they coached me through it. The website doesn't understand who is gifting and who is receiving, but a very thoughtful customer service person managed to ensure that the invoice didn't go to the person I was gifting. Thanks for that.


Thank you for your review. we learn a lot from the opinions of our customers. We are sorry that it was difficult for you to give this gift. Our products are not made in large quantities and that is why the catalog is always updated. As for the possibility of giving and sending a gift to another person, when ordering you can leave all the information via a message embedded in the order (if you were to give a gift again you can use that option or contact me as you did ). We will treasure your review to keep improving.
Thank you! Marco Weetooshop