Here you can find all the answers to our customers' frequently asked questions! In any case, we are always at your disposal through our customer service.

1) Are the products on weetooshop made of leather and all made in Italy?

All products on weetooshop are in leather and produced entirely in Italy in the Tuscany and Emilian areas (Bologna). For years we have collaborated with both artisans and retailers in the sector. We are in close contact with all the companies to give quality and transparency to the end customer.

2) What characteristics do vintage effect models have?

This product undergoes artisan dyeing treatments through repeated washing. The leather originally used is of a light natural color, it is cut, assembled, and sewn manually. The leather may have small imperfections or stretch marks left voluntarily. Washing gives a specific color to the model characterized by shades. Handcrafted product in real leather 100% made in Italy.

3) What characteristics do the products of the D'Autore line have?

The articles of the Author's Collection are made with different techniques from those in vintage style. Hand dabbed with traditional techniques. The use of refined raw materials combined with experience and professionalism for over 30 years by skilled craftsmen in the Bolognese area. Exclusive pieces are made in small quantities, which leads to little saturation in the market giving those who wear these creations the pleasure of owning a one-of-a-kind accessory. If you are looking for an accessory that differs from classic models, this is the line for you.

4) How are the items shipped to the customer?

Your purchase is carefully checked before being packed. We aim for maximum transparency towards the customer. As these are handcrafted items, if there is a small difference in color or shades (as compared to the photo not yet updated before your purchase) you will be contacted and informed of the variant and free to decide whether to receive your purchase or be refunded immediately.</

5) Can I return my purchase?

From the moment the package is received at your home, you have 14 calendar days to send your purchase back to our warehouse! You just need to send us an email requesting a return. As soon as we receive the package you will be immediately refunded the amount spent at the time of purchase.

6) Is the return free?

The return is the responsibility of the customer. We are very careful to describe and present our items in the best way. Read the descriptions carefully and compare the measurements. For all additional information, we are always at your disposal through our customer service.

7) Product warranty?

Should problems arise regarding our products, we ensure the utmost seriousness and correctness in resolving and facilitating the customer with the total replacement or repair of the item without transport and return costs.